Funny Obama LoL

Obama Ice Cream

While there are many myths surrounding any president, and even more surrounding the birth of Obama- there are also some fun- lesser known facts about the 44th President that help remind us he’s a human being. Again- I didn’t vote for him nor do I find him to be a great President, but I’m also an adult and know he’s got a heart and is a human being that God loves. Reading random facts about him has actually helped remind me of these things so I wanted to share them with you.

1. He has a passionate dislike for all things Ice Cream..I actually appreciate this lol! I’m also not a fan of ice cream, and I often feel like a loner when everyone is freaking out over ice cream treats. To know that such a smart man hates ice cream as well, oddly comforts me.

2. Obama has read every single Harry Potter Book
Ok this is just rad. He’s been pretty busy the past few years and even in his schooling years he attended some pretty intense institutions- yet he made time to read Harry Potter. This is by far the coolest thing to me. I think if anyone makes time for reading, especially when they are as busy as the President is- it’s a good sign

3. He won’t watch news channels.
I’m pretty sure we cant blame him on this one. The news can be pretty brutal and if I were him, I would do the same. Sports is all about sports and team work and improving and yeah, you go with your bad self Obama.

4. He’s left handed.
I like this one because I’m left handed as well and there’s a bit of a family feeling among all lefties. My iron buddy Michael is a lefty and we believe lefties are totally discriminated against and I think we need to start a movement. I mean really- the tiny college desk with the arm rest on the right side??? Thanks for that. Or how about all the spiral notebooks- with the spine on the left side. You try writing with your hand on one of those! Or cars with stick shifts. Cups with sayings or pictures but the handle is on the right- so you can’t even see the picture. Don’t even get me started on measuring liquid cups.

5. He hates the trend of saggy pants below the butt.
I think we are with you there President. Nothing makes someone look more lame and suspicious. In fact that trend started in prison because inmates couldn’t have belts so their pants would fall down. Way to embrace an embarrassing trend all you pants sagging folk.

6. His favorite drink is a black ice tea.
I love myself some tea, and love this is Not an alcoholic beverage, but tea. Sweet, awesome tea.

7. He was a superstar for his basketball team in high school.

Shooting Hoops
I wasn’t too bad myself when it came to basketball- but I didn’t have a nickname the bomber like he did. He must have been rad.

8. His favorite artist is Picasso- like a boss.
He’s a man of taste and class- I appreciate that as well!! I like Picasso, not bad Mr. President, not bad.

9. He won a Grammy as well! He narrated the book he wrote about his Dad, and I guess he did a pretty good job. I’ll have to check it out!

SO there you have it folks- he’s got interests and passions and likes and d

Facts Obama?

I don’t’ know about you, but I tend to think the anti- Obama people of the internet can take it a bit far. Even I don’t like him as President, but I’m not going to waist my time finding reasons to hate him or to spread rumors about him. My Dad, bless his old man heart, is one of the haters that buys everything the Internets say about him. I mean everything- Even the clearly made up. He doesn’t even fact check and it’s mind boggling lol. So I thought it would be good to throw some truth into all the myths circling around because honestly, if I see one more person post a meme about a gold prayer curtain in place of a USA flag, I’m going to loose all hope in humanity.
Let’s start there, that gold curtain Meme making the rounds on FB. The basic premise is there’s a pictures of Obama with a gold curtain behind him. Next to that pictures is a picture of Reagan with a USA flag behind him. Then the letters around them say how the President replaced the flag with a Muslim gold prayer curtain.
Oh my gosh you guys- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MUSLIM PRAYER CURTAIN. OK??? This is common knowledge. There is a prayer RUG, but not a curtain. So- do you understand??? There’s a prayer RUG. No curtain. That’s pretend. Also that gold curtain is a curtain that’s been in the White House for decades. It’s in pictures with Raegen and other Presidents. It’s older then me. Do your research people lol!
In this myth people claim Obama got rid of the national prayer breakfast. This has been in the presidency for decades as well, and is a long treasured tradition. So of course, to make him look even more like a creep- people just decided to lie and say he got rid of the prayer breakfast.
It’s 2016 and the President just spoke at that event, so it’s safe to say it’s still there and something he takes part in.
The President is a Muslim. I know so many people that spend so much time analyzing his choices and quotes so they can align them with the theory that he’s Muslim. I mean, it’s almost sad how detailed people get. If people quoted me on things I’ve said, and the choices I’ve made- without the context- I would look like an atheist that hates Christians. The reality is I’m a committed follower of Christ that hates sin, but loves everyone.
This can’t really be debunked. But it shouldn’t matter because we live in a free country. Nowhere does it say the President must be a follower of Jesus.

Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not a citizen. We’e heard this one a lot- there are even entire websites to prove he’s an intruder. I mean, just look at our domain name!! It’s attention getting.
He was born in Hawaii and lived his entire life here going to American school and working American jobs and marrying an American women and having American children. He is American. His father is the one born in Kenya, and from Kenya.
Obama has a private plane for his dogs. It’s a waist of our money, how lame.
The entire family has private travel arrangements, as they should, and that includes the dogs when they travel together. Seriously. It’s just the way it is.
Obama was sworn into the USA Presidency on the Quran. You know, because he’s a radical Muslim and wants to convert all of us or behead us. Pfft, duh.
Look at the pictures- a lot were taken. His hand is on a bible. We’re suppose to have separation of church and state, so why in the world are Presidents sworn with their hand on a bible?? Serious question? For what it’s worth- if you read his book about his life he clearly claims Jesus Christ as God, and he clearly had a moment where he repented. That sure isn’t a Muslim practice so you know…there’s that.
Obama is the Antichrist. Wow, I can’t even.Truth
First- if you say this or believe this you’ve clearly never read the book of Revelations. So maybe study that before you speak on it. Second- no. He’s not the Antichrist lol! I’m going to just say no. It’s not him. Hillary Clinton though- yeah, I could see that.

So there are some of the most popular myths, debunked just for you! Hope it helped clear up some uncertainty.

Is Obama in the middle?

President Obama is either, in most opinions, a wonderful President or a horrid one. Is it possible though, for him to be in the middle? Is it possible that while he did some pretty crappy things he also did some pretty amazing things? I actually think the answer is yes- and I am one of those that thinks he was the worst President this country has ever had! So how did I land where I did? I’ll tell you.
When Obama ran for President he made it very clear that he would pull troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. He heard loud and clear that we the people were tired and weary of war and we wanted our loved ones home. As an Army wife that watched her husband deploy twice, and come home a different man each time- I was one of the weary. Through the second deployment I took a hard look at why my husband was fighting, why he was burying his friends and cleaning up their brain matter off the humvee, and why all these sons and daughters were dying and came to the conclusion that none of it was worth it. Though our soldiers will always be our hero’s, and always be remembered in honor- the reason they gave of themselves has never been accomplished. This is where I think Obama did what he was supposed to.
President Obama heard the cries of the people and brought home the soldiers. He made a promise and kept it. He was even advised against it from the top generals but he ignores them- something the media doesn’t let him forget. But guess what? He works for the people and the people wanted their sons and daughters home. SO that’s what he did.
Once Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan he was slow to send them back- which is someone I’ll forever appreciate. Again- our soldiers were tired and weary. I know some men that deployed 10 times. Ten!!!! This affected the mental health of our soldiers and their families and we all desperately needed rest. REST. You’re going to have to trust me on this. We needed time to heal, time to catch up to ourselves and figure out who were again. The man I fell in love with when I was 14, and married when I was 25- died someone in the dessert. The man that returned was strange and in desperate needing of healing. It’s been Almost ten years since he got out of the Army and the effects of his time served are still front and center. He’s got PTSD, COPD (from burn piles and dust), TBI (traumatic brain injury), thyroid disease (from stress), sleep apnea, a deviated septum, and possible MS or Parkinson’s- something they are looking at right now. He’s tired. Though some of the ailments weren’t caused by war- the constant training and deployments kept him too busy to even notice the symptoms- which then allowed to progress and worsen. Do I need to say how tired we are again?
I truly believe the President understands this. In an interview about his lack of response when Russia began bombing ISIS- he simply said that it’s about time other countries got involved and helped because we were tired. YES. I couldn’t agree more and even though I never voted for him I was so thankful for that wisdom and strength from our leader. He didn’t care if Russia looked like the hero- we were tired and worn and needed time to heal as a country. We needed to focus on our own internal affairs. This is where I think he owned his time as a president. Owned it.
Another area people overlook when complaining about Obama’s Presidency is his influence on education. Obama repealed Common Core. If you don’t know, Common Core is that federally run curriculum for all public schools. Yeah, you heard that right a federally run school curriculum for public schools. Yup- the federal government should never be mandating certain school standards to public school each school should be and is run by the state. To add to that, this curriculum made testing the priority and when teachers need to get kids to pass certain tests, learning actually goes out the door. Children have just been memorizing facts and not actually learning. It’s a hot mess and it’s producing an assembly line of uninspired people that won’t at all know how to function in society and critically think.
This is one reason why we homeschool our kids- we don’t want testing to become what we bade their education on. My oldest son is 8 years old and has a deep passion for science, logic, and reason. This kid is a genius in every way- he has a college level education in astronomy and most things science. He’s at a high school level of math and for reading and writing he’s about at his age. If her were in public school he would likely be failing in their eyes. He doesn’t math in his head, and won’t show his work- but he always gets the answer correct. He would absolutely be failing if he were in public school. He would be bored out of his mind! At home, he’s free to study what God given interests he has. And I love that!
President Obama however, heard the complaints of the people and got the ball moving to completely get rid of common core- and that’s a huge win for school and therefore our children. Well done President!
SO, even though I don’t like him for the most part- I’m able to see where he lead us well, and heard the people. And I’m thankful for that.

Peace out!

What if you were President Obama?

Now that Obama’s Presidency is about up, I thought it would be fun to just, for a short time, imagine what I would do if I were president like he was the past eight years. How would I have handled things Obama had to handle? What would I have done different or exactly the same? And most importantly, would I have aged as fast? So lets take a look at some of his most infamous, and well covered moments and see what happens.

The first thing I want to look at is how Obama handled the ending of wars.  This one is a tough one mainly because of my families sacrifice and time in the Army. To add to that, my big brother is Combat Controller for the USAF and has deployed countless times with special forces and almost lost his life many of those times.  Personally, I’m sick of war and it’s toll on the American people and economy.  But- was it wise to pull our troops out? Did the President handle that appropriately and wisely?

My answer to that is a very selfish yes.  I know the damage us leaving Iraq and Afghanistan caused- and how it gave ISIS the empty slot to fill, but the truth is I don’t care.  I know so many soldiers, mine included, that are tired and have nothing left to give.  As a country, we are weary and need to fill up and heal- and restore some American pride.  Most of us feel rather ashamed of what we’ve become, and when you feel that way you can’t win a war or fight it well. So I think bringing home our soldiers and focusing on “us” for change is what we need. Let the world fall apart and handle their own crap for a bit.  We’ll be back, I’m sure of it.

My next thought is the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  I’ll never forget that day. When the news hit my husband was taking a night class at his college. At first I was incredibly excited to tell him as I thought it would give him some closure.  However, the more I thought about the more I worried.  What would killing Bin Laden really cause? Is that something we should be celebrating?  And, now what? When my husband got home I mentioned it to him and he quietly went to do more school work.  You see- he hunted for Bin Laden.  He went on Mission after Mission solely for him.  He lost friends looking for this coward of a man.  Now that this enemy was finally killed, was it all worth it? How did it feel?

I would be daring and say that it wasn’t worth it.  Killing Bin Laden was just making a move in the the game and did nothing to provide more safety or boost morale. The reality is Osama was just a man, that people had hated to much that he became and idol of sorts.  But he wasn’t the problem- there would be more of him.  That night he was killed we were sad.  Sad we had gotten to this place as a country and sad so many lives were lost because of it.  If I would have been president I would have just moved on from that idol.

Obama, Legal Presidency?

Now that President Obama’s Presidential term is almost up it begs the question of what ever happen to all those questions about him being a legal American. Was it legal for him to even be President of the United States? How did he do as President and what will his legacy be when he’s done?

President Obama was born on the fourth of August in 1961, and is the countries 44th President. President Obama was born, presumably, in Hawaii. However, because both of his parents weren’t American at the time of his birth he cannot and is not a natural born citizen. His father, after his birth, went back to his home country of Kenya.

President Obama, when asked to present his birth certificate, has yet to do so. Some claim that the one he presented long before this became a question has been altered or changed. And from this point on- people have gone to great lengths to say that he shouldn’t have ever been allowed to run for President.

This is kind of where I get annoyed. Though I’m not at all a fan of Obama, nor did I vote for him- we have a lot of other things to spend our time on. Does it really matter that he wasn’t a citizen? Probably, as his loyalties would be questionable- but it’s clear when you look at the life he lived, America was and is home. HE grew up here, went to school here, worked here, got married here, welcomed his two daughters here, and lived his entire life HERE.

Obama lived the American dream and honestly, I’ve got to hand to him- he did it. We tell our children from a young age all about how they too can be President and how people from all over the world come here and any of them could work hard and become President. And he did it. So why in the world are we so concerned about the semantics of his citizenship?

However, there are those rules for a reason so lets not just throw them out a window. We clearly don’t want people who have never lived here, worked here and done life here to be President. We want someone that is loyal to the country and has the best interests for good old USA. However, Obama studied here- he invested in the country and worked hard as a lawyer. So I think it’s safe to say he’s one of us. Many of our families migrated here for a better chance at life. Instead of being all pissy about his different past, I think we should be proud that we live in a place where someone like him can become President. That’s pretty rad.

So was it legal for him to be President? If he wasn’t a natural born- no. Does that matter? Meh. Our founding fathers weren’t natural born so I’m going to just let this one go. Based on the Presidents life and where he lived it- I think I’m ok turning a blind eye.
Now for the big question- how did Obama do as President? I think this greatly depends on who you ask. I think he flopped- and that’s putting it nicely. His foreign policy was idealistic and unrealistic- causing the mess we are in now. I admire his sentiment of talk before bombs and being slow to start a war- but we now live in a time where that kind if luxury takes lives and creates a vacuum of danger and fighting. He liked the veto way too much, and his communication to the people was lackluster.

The legacy I think the President will leave is one of vetoing everything and seeming like he didn’t care about the important issues. To the republicans it seemed like the President was off in his own land and to the democrats- well, I’m not at all sure what they think because I don’t really know too many of them.

No matter our opinion he was the leader of our country for 8 years and there should be respect. Anyone that does that job will have my respect, no matter how much I think they flopped. SO- with that…the President has m respect and I’ll not at all care about if he was natural born or not. Plus- he’s a lefty like me so there’s that.

Peace Out!